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M&S Systems 4 Wire Supported

M&S Systems 220 / 330
M&S Systems 250
M&S Systems 300 / 350
M&S Systems 350A
M&S Systems 20 series
M&S Systems 30 series
M&S Systems Model 150
M&S Systems Model 170
M&S Systems MC602 / MC-602
M&S Systems MC302 / MC-302
M&S Systems Model 338
M&S Systems DMC3-4 / DMC3-4

Nutone 4 Wire Supported

NuTone IM-3204


Nutone 3 Wire Supported

NuTone IM-3303 / IM3303         NuTone 2071
NuTone IMA-303 / IMA303        NuTone 2031 / 2032
NuTone IMA-203D      NuTone 2090 / 2091
NuTone IMA-2003 / IMA2003       NuTone IM-3103
NuTone IMA-3003 / IMA3003        NuTone M-203
NuTone IMA-3303 / IMA3303         NuTone IM-313
NuTone 2067 NuTone 2068
NuTone 2011  NuTone 2012
NuTone 2015 / 2016
NuTone 2053 / 2054
NuTone 2055 / 2056

M&S Systems 3 Wire Supported

M&S Systems, M&S Systems Model 5
M&S Systems Model 6
M&S Systems DMC3-4 / DMC34


M&S Systems 6 Wire Supported

M&S Systems 440 series
M&S Systems 500 series
M&S Systems MC702 / MC-702
M&S Systems 44 series
M&S Systems MC800 / MC-800
M&S Systems N80A (7 wire)
M&S Systems Model 6
M&S Systems DMC1

Nutone 6 Wire Supported

NuTone SM428
NuTone IM-4406 / IM4406
NuTone IM-406 / IM406
NuTone IM-4006 / IM4006
NuTone 2401 / 2402
NuTone 2561 / 2562
NuTone 2542
NuTone 2540 / 2541
NuTone IMA4406 / IMA-4406
BEC Audio will help you Compare Intercom Repair and Intercom Upgrade Options"  CALL TOLL FREE  (888-556-3998)

Some Refurbished models are available

We offer M&S Systems Intercom Repairs as we are able to service & repair most of these without any trouble. In almost all cases we are able to get your M&S master intercom up and working just fine. We do charge a flat rate cost of 30.00 diagnosis of the system. BEC Audio will help you Compare M&S Intercom Repair and Intercom Upgrade Options"  CALL TOLL FREE 888-556-3998 - Some Refurbished models are available. Common M&S Repairs are MC602, MC350, MC350A, MC702, MC300, N300, MC302, MC800, MC900, 500, 440, 44, 220, 230, 250, 300, 350, 350A, 20 / 30 SERIES, 150, 170,MODEL 6, MODEL 5 
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